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Forest, hunting and livestock technology exhibition “Sprendimu ratas” was held on October 5-7 at Aleksandras Stulginskis University. It was already the tenth for this theme, and in total, the forty-fifth exhibition held at the University.

Over 100 enterprises and organizations, about 200 small producers, producers, folk artists participated in exhibition. About 50 thousand visitors attended it.

Exhibitors of the forest, land and communal economy were located on spacious outdoor squares. In the pavilions, visitors enjoyed various events, exhibitions, concerts. As well as the impressive exposition was exhibited here by the Lithuanian Hunters and Fishermen's Association, the State Protected Areas Service, the social business and regional products presented by small producers. Representatives of the Kaunas district business demonstrated their products extensively.

In the husbandry pavilion, visitors were particularly surprised. Here one could admire the livestock, ornamental birds, alpacas, ponies, rabbits, horses, goats, sheep etc. Furthermore, that all was acquainted with the latest livestock technology expositions.

This year's fair was also an educational program for the exhibition. Twenty-two workshops have covered a wide range of topics, from forest, human-wildlife to engineering.

10 most exclusive exhibits traditionally were awarded with exhibition “Sprendimu ratas” medals and diplomas.

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