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Forest, hunting and livestock technology exhibition “Sprendimu ratas” took place at Aleksandras Stulginskis University on September 27-29. It was already the eleventh for this theme, and in total, the forty-seventh exhibition held at the University.

Over 100 enterprises and organizations, about 150 small producers, producers, folk artists participated in exhibition. About 50 thousand visitors attended it.

In outside exposition were located foresters, land and other technicians, gardeners, smiths, food producers. In the catering sector, visitors could not only have a delicious lunch, but also to buy food from the producers themselves. On Friday and Saturday, hunters and fishermen served fish and game soup.

As every year, an impressive exposition was demonstrated by the Lithuanian Hunters and Fishermen Society. Together with the staff of the Tadas Ivanauskas Zoology Museum, an exhibition reflecting the diversity of natural forest and its inhabitants was set. Breeders of various hunting dogs introduced visitors to the peculiarities of the characters and features of the pets.


Expositions were also arranged by representatives of social business. Community members from 10 local districts presented their educational programs, theme tourism routes, crafts and food products.


To admire a wide range of animals: cattle, ornamental birds, alpacas, ponies, rabbits, horses and sheep were available in Pavilion No.3. There was a showcase of sheep cutting.

For the first time the International Wood Carving Planner took place during “Sprendimu ratas”. The best Lithuanian and foreign craftsmen from hundred-year-old oaks within three days have created a bench-sculptural exposition which now decorates the spaces of Aleksandras Stulginskis University.


On Saturday, the 2nd International Hunters' Challenge Championship took place and later the improvisational miracles of the Jazz Hunt Concert featured the duet of Petras and Dominykas Vyšniauskas.


Extremely large educational program was organized this year - thirty workshops have covered a wide range of topics, from forest, human-wildlife to cannabis producers.


7 most exclusive exhibits traditionally were awarded with exhibition “Sprendimu ratas” medals and diplomas.


Organizers thank all participants and visitors for being together!


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